Footage of a 109-year-old man in Thailand went viral on TikTok

Footage of an elderly man in an orange robe has been flooding TikTok users’ feeds as videos of him lying down and interacting with family members keep going viral.

But as the videos spread, they have been reposted across the internet along with inaccurate information and unfounded rumors about the man.

The original account that posted the videos is called @auyary13. It appears to be run by a woman named Auyary, who has one million followers and until recently typically posted food videos.

In October 2021, she began uploading videos of the man and now posts about him almost exclusively. The account has received as many as 100 million views on a single video posted in February 2022 which shows him placing his hands on a young girl, and viewers flooded the comments asking about his age and backstory, with many speculating he is a monk.

Other users across multiple different social platforms are sharing the videos too. Some say the man is 163 years old and even 399 years old.

When her TikTok videos started to go viral, many commenters asked how old the man was. She responded to one of the comments in English on March 2, saying “According to his stories he said he was 109 years old.”


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