Florida Cop Blocks Couple's Trip to ER With Traffic Stop

A pregnant woman and her husband were only a few steps away from entering the emergency room when they said two police officers blocked them from getting into the ER.

The exchange that followed was recorded on cellphone video.

It happened when Kevin Enciso and his pregnant wife Sabrina were on their way to the emergency room on July 28, at Jackson West Medical Center in Doral when they had an encounter with two Miami-Dade Police officers.

“I honked at you one time very nice for you to move out the way, you want to continue and that’s why I’m at the emergency room, I have an emergency for my wife,” said Kevin Enciso.

Enciso says he pulled up behind a Miami-Dade police officer who was having a conversation with another officer in the car next to him.

Enciso blew the horn to alert the officers that someone was behind them. One of the officers gets out and asks for Enciso’s license.

He refuses to give it.

“Call your supervisor,” said Kevin Enciso.

Back in Miami, Enciso says his wife had an accident the day before and needed to get to the emergency room to check on the baby.

“So, you’re okay now,” said the Miami-Dade officer.

“Right now, no, I’m having a lot of pain,” Sabrina Enciso said before the officer interjected.

“Have a seat, have a seat,” the officer tells the woman near the emergency room entrance.

You can watch more of the interaction, with commentary, below.

Instead of allowing the couple to get to the ER, the Miami-Dade officer calls paramedics.

Huffington Post:

Sabrina Enciso told WPLG-TV that the officer called fire rescue, despite her insistence that she was already at the emergency room entrance.

She said first responders took her blood pressure, which her husband says was “skyrocketing,” and the couple was allowed to leave.

“It could’ve went in a different direction, we would be having a different conversation,” Sabrina Enciso said.


A Miami-Dade police spokesperson told the news outlet that it was aware of the video and is launching an internal investigation.