BREAKING: FBI is “reviewing” the dismissal of the charges against Jussie Smollett

All Charges Dropped Against Jussie Smollett


There was a national outcry over the charges being dismissed and wiped clean by the State’s Attorney’s office. Concern about the alleged interference in the case by State’s Attorney Kim Foxx. Foxx allegedly reached out to the Chicago PD and asked to transfer the case to the FBI after she received contact from Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff Michelle Obama, Tina Tchen, and a member of the Smollett family. Foxx reportedly exchanged texts from both Tchen and the relative.

The Chicago Fraternal Order of Police delivered a formal request for a federal investigation into the dismissal of the charges to the US Attorney yesterday.

(Daily Wire)

“Two law enforcement officials briefed on the matter tell @ABC the FBI is *reviewing* circumstances surrounding dismissal of criminal charges against Jussie Smollett,” Elgas tweeted. “ABC News is told this is not an investigation. It is a ‘review’ or ‘inquiry’.”

The FBI is investigating the threatening letter that was sent to Jussie Smollett which the Chicago PD said they believe he sent to himself. The FBI has not commented yet on their findings in the matter.

Now it looks like the State’s Attorney’s office is finding themselves in a problematic situation.

The Assistant State’s Attorney Joe Magats says it happens all the time, they should have no trouble coming up with a similar cases where 16 felony counts were dismissed and wiped clean. 

It looks like the case has been completely expunged from the legal system already.

Chicago cops previously said Smollett allegedly resorted to staging the “bogus” attack after the threatening letter he sent himself at his Chicago Fox studio two weeks earlier didn’t garner enough attention.

“If he mailed that threatening letter to himself by using the post office, he engaged in postal fraud. That’s five to 10 years in jail” —Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said.




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