Fans Call For Boycott After Dr. Oz Begins Guest Hosting 'Jeopardy' 1

Fans of the show ‘Jeopardy’ did not extend support to Dr. Oz. Using the hashtag #BoycottJeopardy, viewers called Oz a “snake oil salesman”.

Scores of viewers have joined over 500 past competitors in calling for the removal of the controversial figure from his post as one of many hosts set to fill in for the late Alex Trebek, citing Oz’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and alleged dispersion of misleading medical advice as to the antithesis to the game show’s spirit.

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“Dr. Oz spreads dangerous medical misinformation for profit,” wrote one user, while another added: “I’m writing, not to be snarky, but to sincerely register my objection to this show associating its long-established identity of fact-based knowledge with a man whose stature has become increasingly dependent on dangerous pseudo-science. Jeopardy is very important to me.”

Journalist Yashar Ali, accused Oz of spreading “pseudoscience” while linking to a video that showed Trebek touting Laura Coates as an appropriate successor to his post.

More fan responses to Oz hosting Jeopardy! below:

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