Facebook Posing As Official Georgia Account Sends Residents Into A TOTAL PANIC

And I can’t stop laughing! 

You’ve got to admit this is a good one. Although, I can see how it would be disturbing, so I’m just THANKFUL it wasn’t my a$$ on the toilet reading these Facebook posts.

According to Daily Mail:

A fake Facebook page panicked residents of a city in Georgia after a post claimed deadly snakes were coming out of the sewers.

Calhoun mayor Jimmy Palmer confirmed the page, called the ‘City of Calhoun, Gordon County GA,’ is a hoax, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

A post on the page – accompanied with pictures – claimed a police officer had killed a copperhead sake that came out of the sewer and warned residents to avoid them.

Another posted on Tuesday claimed a local emu rancher found a nest of copperheads by the Oostanaula River and warned people in the area to beware.

Despite spelling and grammatical errors, the posts were convincing enough for other law enforcement agencies to share, according to Channel 2 News.

Palmer told the channel that his wife called him after she spotted the original post and others have asked him if it’s safe to be outside.

‘I don’t think the people who put it there realize the impact,’ he said.

The city’s attorney is planning to report the page to Facebook, saying the fake page is masquerading as the city’s official page by using the official municipal seal and describing itself as a government organization.

Resident Matt Wiley said he is relieved the city is working to remove the page from Facebook.

‘If you start spreading misinformation, panic might ensue, especially if it’s an alligator or a giant snake,’ he told Channel 2.

Omg. I’m going to hell. I know this is totally not funny. But, I’m still laughing. Sorry, I can’t help it. It’s so AWFUL and so FUNNY at the same time. 



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