Ellen DeGeneres Rushed Portia de Rossi to Hospital On Friday Emergency Appendicitis Surgery 1

Portia de Rossi is on the road to recovery. Over the weekend, the actress faced a health scare when she was briefly hospitalized at an undisclosed location.

Wife Ellen DeGeneres took de Rossi to the hospital on Friday.

“Ellen rushed Portia to the hospital on Friday night, she was in a lot of pain,” a source tells PEOPLE. “It was appendicitis and she had surgery.”

“It started on Friday in the evening around 7.30,” recalls the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” host. “I’m sitting there watching TV with Portia and Portia said, ‘I’m not feeling well, I want to go to bed.'”

“So here’s what happened. It started on Friday, in the evening around 7:30. So I’m sitting there watching TV with Portia, and Portia said ‘I’m not feeling well. I want to go to bed’ and it was like eight o’clock,” which Ellen noted was way to early for her to fall asleep. She said she took a couple of sleep vitamins as to be with Portia, which took effect fast. “I’m laying in bed and I’m like conking out and I’m so ready to sleep. I hear something and I look over and Portia’s not in bed next to me. I called out ‘are you okay’ and I heard some sort of moaning,”

“So then I get out of bed and find Portia on the floor on all fours and I’m like ‘baby are you okay?’ and she’s like ‘yeah, I’m okay,’ and I said ‘well you’re okay if you’re playing Twister by yourself,” Ellen recalled as the audience laughed. Ellen then explained, “I rushed her to the E.R. and she’s in so much pain and I don’t know what’s wrong with her.”

“The next morning, they call and they said, ‘It’s the appendix. We have to take the appendix out,'” she recalls.

Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix and causes pain in your lower right abdomen, according to the Mayo Clinic. As the inflammation worsens, appendicitis pain typically increases and eventually becomes severe. Standard treatment is the surgical removal of the appendix.

Portia is “now resting at home, doing well and Ellen is taking care of her,” according to the source.

They added: “It was a scare at first, but all good.”