When WikiLeaks had their ten-year anniversary this week I stayed up to watch it and like a damn fool I was up until 5 AM. I’m crazy to admit it, but oh well. It was interesting and not what I expected. The first thing that the WikiLeaks team discussed was “what they’ve learned” over the past ten years. The first thing they discussed is the propaganda that comes with their releases. This Trump tape crap is exactly that! A well-orchestrated plot to divert and deflect from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chaos and email revelations.

I could not give two shits about what Donald Trump said to a buddy 11 years ago in a locker room about women. I’m not dumb I’ve know he’s had a past reputation for being a womanizer. It’s no secret never has been. Trump’s locker room tape is very insignificant to his running mate “Hillary Clinton’s” track record, which is riddled with corruption, lies, death, pay to play schemes and much more. I will be sharing new revelations from WikiLeaks regarding Hillary Clinton and the John Podesta emails in my next few postings.

The media will have their field day today and so will Clinton supporters. Let them have it! However, I hope and pray that all of those referred to by Hillary Clinton as Basement Dwellers, Deplorables, Buckets of Losers, and Low Social Capital individuals have their field day on November 8th. What the Washington Elites, Democrats, Anti-Trumpers and media do not get is Donald Trump has ironclad supporters that won’t back down and we are fed up with politics as usual.

Statement from Donald Trump on locker room recording: