Donald Trump Jr. Steps Up, Offers To Walk Woman Down Wedding Aisle After Liberal Parents Allegedly Refuse Over Her ‘Conservative’ Fiancée

Donald Trump Jr. is stepping up for young woman ‘Tracy Boettcher’. after sharing a video on TikTok. Boettcher explains that her parents refused to have any part of her wedding because she’s marrying a conservative.

You see, they are loving, tolerant, open-minded liberals. They just can’t tolerate anyone of differing views.

Most parents would move heaven and earth before missing their child’s wedding. Not these parents. And apparently they also told their daughter she is not capable of loving or being loved. They are pathetic.

Trump Jr. is a stand-up guy. I really hope Boettcher’s parents get their head screwed on right and do the right thing for their daughter. If not, it would be awesome to see Trump Jr. walk her down the aisle.