Donald Trump Jr. Is Trolling Bummed Out Democrats Like A Total Boss

You know the story. Handel beat Pajama Boy. She crushed #TheResistance, ’cause #ShePersisted. (See what I did there?) Every time I start to feel bad for gloating, I remind myself of one thing: If Ossoff won, the left would’ve been SO FREAKING OBNOXIOUS. We’d NEVER hear the end of it. They’d be all, “THIS SENDS THE ULTIMATE MESSAGE! THERE IS NO MANDATE!” And then we’d all remind them that America just elected Donald Trump as POTUS, and so on.

One of my favorite dudes on Twitter right now? Donald Trump Jr. He’s trolling butthurt Democrats like a total boss.

Well somebody was Twitter happy tonight. He’s on fire. And he’s right.

—(Chicks On The Right) My favorite ladies!