Donald Trump Jr Has Legitimate Question About YouTube Shooter

Social media outlets scrambled to shut down Aghdam’s online accounts. As of Wednesday, the woman’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other profiles had been taken down from public view.

Facts are beginning to emerge about the traumatic shooting that occurred at YouTube headquarters on Tuesday — and they certainly don’t fit the media’s preconceived narrative.

On April 3, three people were wounded and the attacker took her own life at the Google-owned video brand’s headquarters in San Bruno, California. Many liberals quickly speculated or even openly hoped that the shooter was a gun-toting conservative NRA member … but the reality was very different, as Donald Trump Jr. pointed out in a tweet Tuesday evening.

After those outlets made sure that the public couldn’t see the shooter’s posts for themselves, Trump Jr. suggested on Twitter that her narrative-breaking leftist views might be at play.

His point was clear: If the situation were different and a right-leaning NRA member had committed the shooting, it seems almost certain that the media would publicize this endlessly, not rush to shut down and hide the social media evidence. (CT)