Democrats Realize Nancy Pelosi Needs To Go; Plotting To Get Replace Her

A group of unhappy House Democrats plan to meet Thursday to discuss if — and how — they can replace Rep. Nancy Pelosi as minority leader.

Led by Reps. Kathleen Rice (D-N.Y.), Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) and Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), the faction believes Pelosi has to go in order for Democrats to have a chance to win the House back in Nov. 2018.

However, Pelosi and her allies don’t think her Democratic detractors have nearly enough support to topple her. She even mocked intraparty critics at a Thursday news conference, suggesting they’re more interested in promoting themselves than helping the party win back the majority. source

Here are just a few examples of unhappy Democrats:

Even Cher isn’t happy!

Nancy Pelosi responds:

“I’m a “master legislator” who is ‘worth the trouble”

But she does have at least one supporter: HAHA!