Dayton Ohio Gunman Connor Betts Drove His Sister and Her Male Friend To Party Strip Before Shooting – before stepping into the body armor and a mask and opening fire on them with an assault rifle and 250 rounds of ammunition.

Connor Betts drove his 22-year-old sister Megan Betts and her unidentified companion to the city’s Oregon District in their family’s 2007 Corolla earlier on Saturday evening.

Police said Betts then separated from his sister and her companion at some point early in the night after parking the car in a lot nearby.

It is not yet clear what Megan did in the hours before her brother opened fire and police are still trying to determine where Betts went after he separated from his sister.

At about 1am on Sunday as the bars were getting ready to close, Betts – who was by then dressed in body armor and a mask – started shooting at people outside the Ned Peppers Bar with his rifle.

Investigators are trying to confirm exactly when Betts retrieved the weapon and where he had stashed it in the lead up.

Authorities said a shotgun that was not used in the attack was later recovered from the trunk of his car.

They said he had at least 250 rounds of ammunition on him at the time and they have since recovered about 41 of his spent shell casings at the scene.

The rifle, which was fitted with an extended drum magazine that could hold 100 rounds, had been purchased legally online from a dealer in Texas and shipped to a local firearms dealer.

Police say it was modified after it was purchased.

Megan was among the first killed in the massacre, according to police. It is not yet clear if she was targeted by her brother or if she just happened to be in the area with the other victims.

Police said on Monday that it was hard to imagine Betts purposefully shooting his sister but also difficult to believe that he would not have recognized her as he opened fire on the street given the close proximity.

Megan’s male companion was among the 27 people who were injured in the attack after suffering a gunshot wound to his lower torso. Of the injured, 14 had suffered gunshot wounds in the attack.

The companion has been speaking with police and providing them with information.

Police do not believe Megan or her companion had prior knowledge of the attack. —Daily Mail

Dayton Ohio Gunman Connor Betts Drove His Sister and Her Male Friend To Party Strip Before Shooting 1