Seriously CNN?! You couldn’t have picked a worse day than today to go argue with President Trump on Twitter

It all started last week after CNN retracted a #FakeNews story on possible Trump/Russia collusion

On Monday, three CNN employees– Thomas Frank, Eric Lichtblau and Lex Haris–resigned over it. Then Tuesday morning, Project Veritas released a new undercover video, exposing CNN. CNN producer John Bonifield actually told PV’s undercover journalist that the network only obsesses over Russia for the ratings.

President Trump is loving it. And you know what? I don’t blame him.

And CNN producer John Bonifield said that’s all due to the network chasing the FAKE Russia story. FACTS?! Oh really, CNN?

CNN knowingly promotes false stories for ratings. Those are ALSO the facts.

I can’t even take CNN serious anymore and you certainly can’t make this kind of stuff up.

h/t Twitchy