Cleveland Ohio; Manhunt For Suspect In Facebook Live Fatal Shooting

Cleveland Ohio; Manhunt for a killer who shared a video of the moment he shot dead an innocent man in Cleveland and claims to have slaughtered 14 more.

Police said Steve Stephens shot 74-year-old Robert Godwin in the city’s Glenville neighborhood at 2 p.m. — uploading the video with the title “Easter day slaughter.”

74-year-old Robert Godwin
74-year-old Robert Godwin

Stephens, 37, under his Facebook account “Stevie Steve,” released the footage live. The video shows the gunman walking up to Godwin and asking, “Can you say ‘Joy Lane?’ ”

“Joy Lane,” Godwin replies.

“She’s the reason why all of this is about to happen to you,” the shooter says. The video was removed from Facebook after three hours, and Stephens’ Facebook page was also deactivated — but not before video went viral.

In the original Facebook post, Stephen’s said: ‘Easter day slaughter because of joy lane,’ and ‘I killed 12 people and I won’t stop until my mother and joy lane call me.’ The woman named is believed to be his ex-partner.


Elderly Man Shot & Killed in Cleveland on Facebook Live [GRAPHIC][UNEDITED]

Police say the suspect is driving around in a White Ford Fusion with temporary tags and is considered armed and dangerous.

Cleveland Ohio; Manhunt For Suspect In Facebook Live Fatal Shooting
Cleveland police tweeted out a photo of the suspect’s ‘actual vehicle’ in an attempt to find him. He was last spotted driving around in a White Ford Fusion

Cleveland Police held a news conference with Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and police chief Calvin Williams.


“Mr. Robert Godwin Sr. is more than a video. He is loved and missed.”


“Don’t let those 50 seconds be all that we remember about Robert Goodwin. Share this beautiful image, remember him as he was.”


Family of the Man Killed by Cleveland Shooter



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