Chimichurri Chicken Marinate

Chimichurri sauce is a simple concoction of fresh herbs and garlic. It’s a cross between a sauce and a condiment. Traditionally, Chimichurri is served with grilled meats as part of the Argentinian Asado (or barbecue).

It is delicious with grilled steaks and grilled chorizo sausage. This TikToker pairs it with chicken and I’m telling you it’s the bomb of marinades

There are other uses for this distinctive garlicky sauce.

It makes a fantastic marinade for chicken, pork, or vegetables. It can be easily converted into a salad dressing with the addition of oil and vinegar, can be turned into a tasty dip, and is excellent drizzled over cheese.

The possibilities are endless, as demonstrated by this collection of recipes featuring chimichurri sauce in a wide variety of forms and formats.

Hands down this recipe is the best we’ve tried.

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Chimichurri Chicken Marinade
Chimichurri Chicken Marinade