Chelsea Clinton Seriously Tweeted This... And she's the "last best hope" for the Democrat Party

Chelsea Clinton Wonders If Picture Of Lincoln In A Trump Hat Was PhotoShopped.

The Republican Party of Palm Beach County recently held a Lincoln Day dinner at Mar-A-Lago. The printed programs featured a picture of Abraham Lincoln wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

Chelsea Clinton saw the image and totally freaked out over Lincoln in a ‘Make America Great Again’ Trump hat.  She actually wondered if the picture was PhotoShopped. Seriously Chelsea?! Did you really tweet this?!

The press seems fixated on Bill and Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea. The sole child of the former president and the latest Democratic nominee for President, Chelsea represents this generation of Democrats’ only hope of continuing the Clintonian dynasty in the White House.

Clinton has to pay her political dues the same way everyone else does. So, let it rip!

Seriously, please tell us this is NOT the last hope the Democratic party is banking on. Oh boy, and Duh! Chelsea we’ll answer the question for you dear, the answer is YES, clearly this photo is photoshopped!