(VIDEO) Chef Taunts Vegan Protestors By Butchering “Recently Murdered Deer” Right In Front Of Them

I’m guessing this Chef is fed the F*CK UP of vegan protestors at his restaurant. Yep, he’s had ENOUGH!

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I ENTIRELY respect people’s decision to be vegan. If you want to be a vegan, more power to you. Good for you.
I DO have a problem with people protesting a restaurant simply because it’s NOT vegan.

According to BlogTo.com:

Animal rights activists were horrified this weekend when the co-owner of a Dundas West restaurant they’d been protesting for weeks staged what appeared to be a counter-protest of his own.

The restaurant in question, Antler, is known for serving “local seasonal and wild foods” that are native to Canada, such as bison, boar, rabbit, duck and deer.

They also serve foie gras, which has long been condemned as especially cruel in terms of animal welfare.

group of local activists had arranged a protest in front of the restaurant on Friday evening, writing on Facebook that it would be their fourth of such protests outside Antler.

About an hour into their demonstration, protesters say that the restaurant’s co-owner and chef, Michael Hunter, “brought out an entire animal leg and started cutting it up right in the window on a table reserved for diners.”

Event organizer Marni Jill Ugar wrote later that night on Facebook that she felt Hunter had been “taunting” the group by cutting up a deer leg right in front of them.

Yeah, ya think? He’s tired of you protesting in front of his restaurant. 

At one point, a couple of police officers arrive and go into the restaurant. They are seen speaking to Hunter as he continues to prepare the meat.

After about a minute, Hunter packs up his tools and meat. Both he and the police officers are then seen smiling as they walk away.

Anyway, WATCH the chef in action:

If I’m ever in Toronto, this is where I’ll be dining! This guy has GOT brass balls. Good for him! If you want to be Vegan that’s fine, but don’t shove it in other people’s faces.