Charles Barkley Gives The CREEPIEST RIGHT Answer In ‘Family Feud’ History

Alright, if your fly was open at church, what would you use to cover it up?

No matter WHAT your answer is… there’s probably NO chance it would be as CREEPY as Charles Barkley’s was.

Barkley with the rest of the “Inside the NBA” crew played family feud and OMG WTF, CHARLES!?


As TMZ reported:

When Barkley blurted out his guess, EVERYONE gasped and Ernie Johnson even switched teams to get away from Chuck.

And then, the most insane thing happened … CHUCK’S ANSWER SHOWED UP ON THE BOARD!!!

Everyone on both teams — Shaq, Kenny “The Jet” Smith, Kristen Ledlow, Johnny Damon and more — couldn’t believe it.

Don’t worry, Steve Harvey made sure to roast the hell out of Barkley anyway. And we’re guessing the flock will keep an extra eye out for Charles next time he rolls into church.

WTF Charles Barkley???