Casey Anthony opens private investigation firm in Florida 1

America’s ‘most hated mom’ Casey Anthony has launched a new business as a wannabe private investigator. Anthony, famously charged for the death of daughter Caylee, but cleared – has filed paperwork for a new company named Case Research & Consulting Services.

For the past several years Anthony has been learning the ropes from Patrick J. McKenna, 72, a veteran private detective who she has lived with in West Palm Beach,

The twice-divorced PI was the lead investigator on Anthony’s defense team and is even more famous for unearthing the racist police tape that wrecked the prosecution of OJ Simpson.

His resume boasts other well-known clients including Yoko Ono, the IRA, philanthropist-turned killer John E. du Pont, and Gary Giordano, the last person to see missing Robyn Gardner alive in Aruba.

McKenna has never commented on the nature of their relationship with Anthony but documents list his $1.25m, two-bed home as the headquarters of Case Research & Consulting Services.

Anthony is registered as the business’s sole agent and the venture is set to start trading on January 1, according to the papers filed with the Florida Division of Corporations on December 14.Casey Anthony opens private investigation firm in Florida 2