Beyoncé, Jay-Z sit during national anthem at Super Bowl

So distasteful! They should just get a one way ticket to anywhere but the USA.

Video of Beyoncé and Jay-Z sitting while Demi Lovato sang the national anthem at the Super Bowl has surfaced online.

TMZ posted the video Sunday of the celebrity couple sitting along with daughter Blue Ivy at Hard Rock Stadium, where the San Francisco 49ers were playing the Kansas City Chiefs.

The video garnered immediate reaction across social media with some calling the move “despicable” while others defended the couple.

Conservative Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren said the couple should “try another country” and called the move “despicable” while calling Jay-Z a “former crack dealer.”

“Beyoncé & Jay-Z (former crack dealer)sit for the national anthem because apparently the United States of America has oppressed them with millions upon millions of dollars & fans,” Lahren said. “Sounds rough. Maybe they should try another country that allows them a little more freedom & success?”

“You hate police, Donald Trump, and the spirit of this nation so much you can’t pick your privileged asses off the chair for 2 mins to pay some respect? Despicable,” she continued.

Several other conservatives made similar comments attacking the couple on the social platform.


The national anthem has been a hot-button issue at NFL games for nearly five years.

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started a movement of kneeling during the anthem during the 2016 season to protest the treatment of African Americans in the community. A number of other players joined in the protests over the years.



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