Attorney Lisa Bloom issues warning to Fox News' Jesse Watters over Ivanka Trump gesture

Attorney Lisa Bloom set her sights on Fox News’ Jesse Watters with two tweets Wednesday evening issuing a stark warning.

During a segment in Tuesday’s show on The Five, Watters commented on Ivanka Trump’s recent visit to Berlin, where the first daughter defended her father’s attitudes towards women despite noticeable boos from the audience at the Women 20 summit on economic empowerment. Watters criticized the crowd’s reaction, saying, “It’s funny, the left says they really respect women, and then when given an opportunity to respect a woman like that, they boo and hiss.”

But then he followed his commentary with a hand gesture and a smirk, adding: “So I don’t really get what’s going on here, but I really liked how she was speaking into that microphone.”

Lisa Bloom represented Perquita Burgess, the woman recently ousted Fox News host Bill O’Reilly allegedly called “Hot Chocolate,” and on Wednesday, she blasted Watters on Twitter.

Watters defended himself on Twitter Wednesday morning on Twitter, writing that he was “referring to Ivanka’s voice and how it resonates like a smooth jazz radio DJ.”

“This was in no way a joke about anything else.”

Jesse Watters on Wednesday announced that he would be taking a family vacation until Monday. The move came just three days after his show began airing in a new high-profile time slot.