Arnold Schwarzenegger said on Friday that he will not return as host of The New Celebrity Apprentice, and blamed Donald Trump for the reality show’s recent poor performance. But here’s the truth…

'Arnie' Quits The Apprentice and Blames President Trump

The Apprentice ratings plummeted for the 2017 season, losing 4.9 million viewers compared to previous seasons and you delivered a terrible performance. The truth is you just stunk! Your poor and sexist performance delivered the blow, NOT Donald Trump. We, the viewers appreciate you bowing out before you were FIRED!  

‘Those of us who are watching The New Celebrity Apprentice have seen Schwarzenegger deliver a strange, ugly performance week after week. In the most recent episode, he criticized and almost fired a female contestant for not smiling. He fired another after telling her she looked “fantastic at your age.” And he delivered multiple monologues about women who have gained weight.’ Unbelievable read the full article.

WATCH: Trump/Arnie Twitter war

Schwarzenegger shot back, saying on social media that he hoped Trump would work for the American people as aggressively as he did for his ratings. The actor, like Trump a Republican, did not endorse Trump for president and said he would not vote for him.

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