Hillary Clinton

BREAKING: A possible bombshell is set to drop today. Discovered over night in a series of tweets by James O’Keefe, another October surprise set to drop could further rock an already shaken presidential election.  It’s no secret that Hillary Clinton has both a private and public stance on various issues. Does Hillary Clinton speak in a disparaging manner behind closed doors about Black Americans?

James O’Keefe is apparently ready to drop an October Surprise tape on Hillary Clinton — one he claims has the potential to shake-up a presidential race already brimming with controversy.

It was close to two weeks ago that the conservative journalist told followers that he had a video of Hillary Clinton allegedly “demeaning and disparaging” black people. He dropped the news to Twitter followers just after Clinton had bested Trump in the first debate and sent the Republican candidate’s poll numbers sinking. Read the full story James O’Keefe has an off the cuff record of exposing videos as noted in the full story.


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