Anne Heche Was Not High at Time of Fiery Crash, Autopsy Reveals

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s autopsy revealed “no evidence of impairment” when Anne Heche’s car crashed into a house and became engulfed in flames with Anne trapped inside.

The final autopsy determined through blood tests showed earlier use of multiple substances, including cocaine.

The L.A. County coroner ruled Heche’s death accidental, with the official cause being inhalation and thermal injuries. A sternum fractured by blunt force was also described as contributing “significantly.”

Heche was declared brain-dead at age 53, six days after her Los Angeles car accident, once organ recipients were found.

Heche was taken off life support on August 14. Heche’s oldest son, 20-year-old Homer, will serve as the executor of her estate, which has been sued for $2 million by the woman whose home was destroyed in the fire caused by the crash.