Watch Viral Video of Amazon Employee Sleeping on Packages

An Amazon employee sleeping on packages during a shift has gone TikTok viral sparking debate among viewers, with some joking about it, some people disapproving of sleeping on the job, and some people defending the employee. Whatever side you fall on we can all agree that thank goodness that is not me sleeping there being recorded. Yikes!

The video, which was shared for a second time since its first time going viral in 2021, has been viewed 1.6 million views since it was shared in January. The TikToker @rigo.a_ shared the clip to the social media platform.

In the video, the words “Work at Amazon they said” are displayed on the screen and said aloud in a voice overlay. The TikToker filmed their co-worker sleeping on the other side of a conveyor belt as packages went by.

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