Alex Jones’ Attorney Flips Off Attorney for Sandy Hook Families VIDEO

Attorneys for right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones argued Wednesday with the attorneys of Sandy Hook parents suing Jones for defamation. The heated exchange where Jones’ attorney flips off one of the attorneys representing the Sandy Hook parents in the courtroom came after the court had ended but was captured on camera, KXAN reported.

If you can’t view the video below follow this link.


“I apologize for yesterday’s outburst,” Jones’ defense attorney, F. Andino Reynal, told a Texas court on Thursday before the jury entered the room, adding, “It wasn’t appropriate.”


Reynal said that he also apologized for his actions in an email to the plaintiff’s lawyers who are representing the parents of one of the 20 young children slain in the 2012 Newtown, Connecticut, school mass shooting.

Travis County District Court Judge Maya Guerra Gamble addressed Wednesday’s courtroom clash as proceedings got underway on Thursday, saying, “Next time anyone wants to have an argument, you need to take it outside.”

“It’s not going to happen in here,” Gamble said.