911 Callers Say Jayme Closs Should Get $50K Reward

A couple who called 911 to report that Jayme Closs had been found says they do not want reward money and think that Closs herself is more deserving of the $50,000.

Closs — a 13-year-old Wisconsin girl who had been missing for three months after a home intruder killed her parents — was found in Gordon, Wisconsin on Jan. 10 by Jeanne Nutter, a local walking her dog. Nutter took Closs to her neighbors, Peter and Kristin Kasinskas. The group would go on to contact authorities to report Closs had been found.

Although authorities are still deciding what to do with a $50,000 reward, the couple does not want it, Peter Kasinskas told The Associated Press on Tuesday. If anyone, Jayme should get it because “she got herself out,” he said.

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