In a time where there is such deep division among people, we frequentlly witness mass shootings and people express such ugliness toward one another (mainly on social media platforms); people are looking for hope and peace. This video really got to me it was amazing to watch. We need more of this.

Thousands of people chose to give their lives to Jesus this weekend at an Anaheim, Calif. crusade in Angel Stadium that honored God and country.

At the conclusion of each night of the SoCal Harvest event held Aug. 23-25 that saw over 100,000 people attend, Pastor Greg Laurie delivered a message called “Happiness, hope, and heaven.”

He shared the gospel, similar to what Evangelist Billy Graham, who called Laurie the “evangelist of the future,” did for so many years.

“Don’t put your hope in technology. Don’t put your hope in material things. Don’t put your hope in politicians. Don’t put your hope even in religion,” Laurie, senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship of California and Hawaii, he told the crowd each night of the three-day event. “Hope has a name, and it’s Jesus Christ, and he is here with us tonight, and he is ready to change the course of your life.”

Heaven, Happiness, and Hope (With Greg Laurie)
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100,000 Attend Anaheim California Crusade; Thousands of People Gave Their Lives to Jesus (VIDEO) 1